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General info about XFAB®

  • A. What makes XFAB® stand out from the rest?
    1. Laser stereolithography, the technology behind XFAB® is the sum of years of R&D in the professional field. Our origins lie in the world of jewellery and dentistry: 10 micron (layer thickness) resolution is standard for us, not a novelty.
    2. The most accurate laser on the consumer market.
    3. A large cylindrical work volume, 180 mm in diameter and 180 mm in height.
    4. A single device, 10 quality materials for the widest range of applications.
    5. A cartridge refill system with built-in tank.
  • B. What is stereolithography?
    1. Stereolithography is an additive manufacturing technology based on a process of photo-polymerisation for laser-sensitive resins or liquid materials. The object is formed as each of its layers solidifies instantly under the laser beam. This system overcomes all the obstacles posed by traditional technologies in the manufacture of complex, hollow or undercut objects. Watch the video on our YouTube channel
  • C. What is additive manufacturing?
    1. The 3D printing field comprises many technologies, but the basic concept shared by all is additive manufacturing. This is the addition of layers of material to create an object rather than removing material from a solid block as is the case with most traditional technologies.


  • A. How long do the materials or resins last?
    1. One year in the unopened packaging.
    2. In the closed machine or away from UV light sources, it should be used within 2 months.
  • B. What kind of material do you supply?
    1. For XFAB® we currently have 10 from the professional DWS range and we are developing many more.
  • C. Can I reuse the material in the tank?
    1. Of course, this is one of the distinctive features of our technology. The material solidifies in a quantity proportional to the object being manufactured, without any additional waste. The material left in the cartridge can be used to make other objects. The cartridges are immediately interchangeable, allowing for rapid changes in material with maximum flexibility of use.
  • D. What are the supports for?
    1.  The supporting elements are made from the same material used to produce the object and are generated automatically by the Nauta software. They support the object during the creation phase to prevent structural collapse.
  • E. What characteristics do the materials have?
    1. XFAB® materials are photo-polymers filled with elastomers, nanoceramics and other functional components. In their initial state they are liquid and solidify thanks to laser photo-polymerisation.
  • F. Do I need to use protection?
    1. Thanks to our innovative system, the interchangeable cartridges containing the liquid material are simply inserted, meaning none of the material requires direct handling.
  • G. How do I clean the tank after use?
    1. The cartridge is designed to be used until empty. Any solid residues in the work area should be removed by hand, using the tools provided in the kit supplied by XFAB®.
  • H. Can you send me samples?
    1. To receive a standard sample, please write to

Placing an order

  • A. When can I buy XFAB®?
    1. You can order your XFAB® on-line from our XFAB® STORE.
  • B. How much does XFAB® cost?
    1. The XFAB® 3D printer costs € 6,000 + VAT for CEE Countries and $ 6,000 + VAT for U.S.A. (Taxes, shipping and duties are not included).


  • A. How big is XFAB®?
    1. 400x606x642 mm
      – and the shipping box is 500x750x970 cm
  • B. When will my XFAB® be shipped?
    1. At the moment the delivery time is approximately 3-4 weeks from order date.


  • A. Does the machine come with dedicated software?
    1. Yes, XFAB® comes complete with Nauta® XFAB® edition software, a powerful editor for acquisition of 3D files and automatic generation of supporting elements.
  • B. Do I need training in order to use XFAB®?
    1. No, XFAB® and Nauta® XFAB® edition software have been designed to be high user friendly. A tutorial section will shortly be available on our website with step-by-step instructions for the creation of your objects.


  • A. How much material does the cartridge contain?
    1. Each cartridge contains 165 g of material for a total of 330 g.
  • B. Does the XFAB® process include any other consumable parts?
    1. The cartridge and the tank are the only consumable parts
  • C. What are the technical specifications for XFAB®?
    1. All the technical specifications for XFAB® are listed here
  • D. What is the printing volume?
    1. XFAB® has a cylindrical work volume: 180 mm diameter x 180 mm height
  • E. What maintenance does XFAB® require?
    1. Due to its reduced number of moving mechanical parts, XFAB® is very reliable
  • F. What Z resolution does XFAB® have?
    1. XFAB® is designed to operate with 10 to 100 micron resolution (depending on the kind of material used: with current range, 60 micron is the lower value, obtainable with Precisa)
  • G. What is the minimum printable unit size?
    1. XFAB® has a minimum feature size of 250 microns
  • H. What do I need to start using XFAB®?
    1. XFAB® is delivered assembled and ready for use. Simply connect it to the power supply and your PC using the USB cable provided and follow the installation software instructions
    2. In order to create the required objects you must have the 3D files in formats supported by Nauta® XFAB® Edition software
    3. Minimum system requirements: Operating system: Windows 7 or above,
      – Memory: 2 GB RAM,
      – OpenGL Graphics card compatible with OpenGL,
      – 1 USB port,
      – internet connection.
      Suggested: Dual core processor or above,
      – Memory: 4 GB RAM.
  • I. What voltage does the machine require?
    1. 24V DC with AC 240/100V / 50-60 Hz External supplier included
  • J. Does XFAB® come with a warranty?
    1. XFAB® comes with a 12-month warranty for CEE countries. Read our GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE