XFAB® 3D Printer

The XFAB® 3D Printer includes the following items:

  • 1 Grooved building platform Ø mm 188 (usable mm 180)
  • 1 Resin tank mod. RX180
  • 1 Set of handling tools
  • 1 NAUTA® XFAB® Edition software suite license
  • 1 User manual
  • 12 month limited warranty

Lead time 1 week


Intelligent cartridges, no leakages, no need of handling liquids. Lead time 3 weeks


XFAB® 3D Printer include a proprietary 3D editing software NAUTA® XFAB® Edition
This is a upgrade version of the software to  NAUTA® PLUS Ver. 1.0



Nauta® Plus Upgrade

Nauta® Plus Upgrade

This is a upgrade of the included version software in XFAB® 3D Printer product to NAUTA® PLUS Ver. 1.0

  • Automatic support generation
  • Parametric technology
  • Instant support removal, no risk of damaging the models

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